Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is this all about?

I had a sudden gastric attack last week which caused me to appreciate life a lil bit more than i used to. For a moment, i thought i was never gonna make it. I've never felt so much pain before. I was practicaly left breathless with shooting pain from below the chest right through the back which made standing impossible for me. I had to cringe in pain in a fetal postion until the husband came to my rescue. I just can't describe how bad it was cos no words can sum it up. However, i do hope i had learnt a good lesson there and step up in taking my diet seriously.

So, i googled on gastritis and its severity if it were to be taken lightly.

While many cases of gastritis are caused by the H. pylori bacterium, which attacks the stomach lining, a lot of gastritis patients are the victim of something that actually belongs in the system: stomach acid. There are a number of gastritis treatments available, which one depends on the type of gastritis.

Your stomach naturally has acids to break down and digest foods. Your stomach has a very strong lining that stops these acids from getting out into the rest of your body, where they would be corrosive and harmful. But sometimes something happens to your stomach lining that makes it weak, thus letting the acids out and causing pain and discomfort. Gastritis — which refers to an inflamed stomach lining, regardless of the cause — is the result.

If the cause of your gastritis is indeed stomach acid rather than bacteria, there are a number of ways of treating it. For mild, occasional flares of gastritis, simple over-the-counter medications such as Maalox and Mylanta — basic antacids — may alleviate the symptoms. If the problem is ongoing, however, or becomes severe, you should see a doctor to determine whether it’s serious enough for a prescription.

And, here are 8 steps which can help in identifying gastritis and to prevent/overcome it.

Step1 Suffering from heartburn and discomfort in the stomach after eating are signs of Chronic
Gastritis. After eating certain foods the digestive system becomes upset and the person
feels a burning sensation under their breastbone. Heartburn is a sign of indigestion.

Step2 Loss of appetite especially in the morning but improving during the day is an additional
sign of this stomach disorder. When an eating disorder is evident investigate the foods
that are being eaten. Choose food items that will settle well on your stomach.

Step3 Chronic belching is a prominent symptom, the belching is happens directly after each
meal that you have and at times seems to last for several minutes then it subsides. This
is followed by a sickening feeling in the stomach area. Nausea and vomiting mainly of
saliva and mucus and very little food is another sign of Chronic Gastritis.

Step4 Eliminate those foods which cause the stomach upset, tomatoes contain acid and
therefore may be a contributor to the Chronic Gastritis. Pizza is another fast food
product that causes stomach upset. Eliminating that product from you diet will assist
you in living pain free. Other food items that can cause upset include pies and pastries.

Step5 Add vitamin supplements to your diet, include vitamin A, B and C. If stomach is still
upset use one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with water to help assist the ease of the
stomach pain.

Step6 Change the diet to include foods like chicken, lamb, boiled fish especially whiting and
sole are helpful to the person. Eliminate foods such as cabbage, fried foods, reheated
food, and overcooked food. Fats and sugars should be taken in moderation.

Step7 Drink plenty of water during the day. Water assists in flushing the body system and is
actually good for your body.

Step8 Watch for a sudden weight loss. The unwillingness to eat a meal due to the
uncomfortable feeling that occurs after eating may be a cause for the weight loss.

SO, if u guys out there have had a brush with or am suffering from gastritis, do share with me yr experiences and what can we do to prevent it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Living it High with Jason Mraz

4th of March was a day i had been waiting for.

It was like a dream come true.

I remembered vividly how i scoured for a pair of tickets while i was in Spore but it was sold out


I was more than devastated, honestly.

There were no other concerts i had wanted to go to so badly.

So, i resigned to fate.

I reckon it was not meant to be.

Somehow, someday, i was back in KL and decided to call the Axcess ticket counter to try my

puny luck.

What the operator mentioned simply took my breath away.

"Yes, we still have free seating tickets but the numbered seats are all taken."

There were no thinking twice, there wasn't a need to anyway.

Next thing i knew, i had a pair of tickets in my hands.

And, it costs ONLY RM68!

Tell me, was it all worth it?

Sure it was!

Since hubby wasn't ard, Zura took the liberty to accompany me.

Thanx, babe.

We both enjoyed ourselves like crazy!

I hope he will go on a tour again.

And, i wana be one of the first to grab those tix.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dust me clean!

This blog seemed to have collected some dust over the months.
Lately, i hardly have any time in hand to blog.

Well it is either because i have been too lazy to update or too hooked on FB.

Someone, pls distract me!

Many things had happened while the blog was left abandoned.

Blame it on my never ending travelling from Spore-KL-Spore.

It has been a busy beginning of the year.

An event which i wish to highlight would be Hajar's farewell party that we held for her before she

departed for Perth last Mon in pursuit of her studies.

Study hard & make us proud back home, ya babe?
Gonna miss ya.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

And that was the end of our UAE trip.
I'm already missing the long haul flights all over again.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are the Dubai pictures as promised.
Bur Dubai

Dubai Creek
Burj Al-arab

@ Jumeira Beach

Desert Safari

sand dunes

camel ride
Bedouin Camp

a henna session

a great desert bbq dinner

Jumeira Mosque

Madinat Jumeira

the famous Gold Souk

Dubai Creek
on the way to Atlantis

The Lost Chambers

in awe

Mercato Mall

dinner with the Goodwins

on a dhow cruise

waiting for airport transfer - returning to spore
Alritey, next up, Abu Dhabi!